Jade Gray joins as an Advisor

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Date Published 24 August 2021

Today we’re excited to announce that Jade Gray (IDEO.org, Airbnb) has joined DrawHistory’s advisory panel. Our advisors are part of DrawHistory, but they work in their own fields and practices. Their expert advice and boundless creativity are crucial to helping move our projects and company forward.

Meredith Edwards

Head of Business & Content, DrawHistory

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“I’m thrilled to support DrawHistory as they scale high-quality design solutions in partnership with some incredibly powerful organizations”, said Jade.

Jade is an Earth-based designer and strategist whose background includes product and design at Airbnb and IDEO.org.

Jade’s passion lies in painting the big picture through blending design, user research, and business strategy – in service of human connection. She’s worked with companies, nonprofits, philanthropists and governments to craft meaningful products and services around the world.

Jade’s consultancy focuses on providing design and innovation leadership to various organizations in healthcare, education, social impact, and product development. She prioritizes collaborations and initiatives supporting marginalized communities. Prior to design, Jade worked in international aid and development managing USAID contracts abroad.

Her specialties include design and product strategy, design direction and leadership, product management, cross-cultural research, insight gathering and synthesis, concepting, and interaction design.

We couldn’t be more excited to have Jade join our team, and we can’t wait to pick her brain and work with her on our latest projects.

Learn more about Jade Gray by visiting her website or LinkedIn.

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