Great online experiences do more than inform — they spark joy. Our human-centred approach and deep design expertise transform your idea into a live web experience that people will love.

Front-end or back-end development, UI design or UX research — we love every aspect of building great digital experiences. We’ll work with you to map your idea, prototype the design, and bring your new website or product to life, all informed by insights from in-depth user testing and stakeholder workshops.

We create digital experiences using mixed research methods and compelling digital design and open-source builds.

UX Research

We design and facilitate in-depth UX workshops to understand your target users’ requirements, expectations, and typical digital habits.

Digital Product & UI Design

We conceptualise and design digital products from first ideas to final launch. Our team specialises in designing an effortless, enjoyable user interface.

Information Architecture

We delve into the nitty-gritties of your site and map out the structure, content, user flow, hierarchies, and more to make the site intuitive for users.

Stakeholder Testing

With a high-fidelity prototype or even live version of your website, we conduct stakeholder tests to understand what’s working and what needs revision.

Front-end Development

We handle every aspect of the front-end, from images and visuals to buttons and words — all designed to create an amazing user experience.

Back-end Development

To support the front-end, we build a strong back-end to handle behind-the-scenes tasks like data storage, system management, alerts, and more.

DrawHistory’s approach to Design

Understand your current state

To gain a better understanding of where you are and what you’re imagining for the future, we’ll start with an audit of your web properties and align on a clear path forward.

User experience workshops

As part of our human-centred design process, we’ll facilitate in-depth UX workshops to understand your target users’ requirements, expectations, and typical digital habits.

Map your website experience

Any great digital experience starts with a clear user journey, site infrastructure, and wireframes. Before we pick up our digital paintbrush, we’ll map out a cohesive, intuitive experience for your website.

Prototype a design

After setting a solid base for the site, it’s time to fill in all the details. We’ll prototype a high-fidelity design of your website that can be used to get feedback from stakeholders or even users.

Build for “Go Live”

With a clear understanding of your vision, users’ needs, and the expected outcome, we’ll turn our prototype into a reality — a live, pixel-perfect digital experience that you’ll be proud to put your name on.

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