How do you create a social change podcast?

Words By Kosta Lucas
Date Published May 9, 2022
Read Time 20 minutes
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On this episode of Undesign, we look back on our inaugural first season with host Kosta Lucas and DrawHistory founders Angel Chen and Jeffrey Effendi to share podcast learnings and insights from behind the scenes, as well as opportunities and pitfalls for aspiring podcasters seeking to make change in the world around them.

Your Host
Kosta Lucas

Head of Community Practice, DrawHistory

Angel Chen & Jeffrey Effendi

Co-founders, DrawHistory

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Transcript: Introduction

KOSTA: Hello friends, welcome to this very special edition of Undesign. Now that Season 1 has wrapped up, we’re already looking at an even bigger Season 2. But we figured before we went there, that there was one more topic worth “undesigning” for ourselves i.e. how do you create a social impact podcast? Given the journey we’ve been on so far with Undesign, who better to speak with than the two people who make Undesign possible: my dear colleagues and friends, Jeffrey Effendi, our Founder and Chief of Innovation, and Angel Chen, our Chief of Strategy.

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How do you create a social change podcast?

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